Questions for growth — Introducing Our Growth Assessment Tool

Reflection drives ideas, which drive action which drives growth. Reflection starts by asking great questions, deciding which are valuable to answer then diving in deep until you find the truth.

Throughout my career and life I was lucky to be surrounded by people who thoughtfully challenged me, from my engineering professor father at home to colleagues at McKinsey & Company, through incredible professors at MIT and Harvard (including the amazing Clayton Christensen who was a mentor at Socrative, my first startup) to very thoughtful senior executives at ADP (where I lead a group of 600+ employees to drive innovation and it’s next-gen business). At some point throughout the journey I fell in love with questions, frameworks and mental models that help capture critical thinking about the state of the world in a systematic, repeatable and improvable way.

To that end, we created the Growth Scorecard (sample here). It is a set of guiding questions for CEOs and leadership teams that want to grow their business. It starts with the basics and dives in deeper and deeper to allow leaders to reflect, generate new ideas and prioritize actions. This is a key part of our framework for working with founders to dig in to their business in a structured way and figure out the biggest gaps and opportunities where we can help drive value.

Growth Scorecard — sample available here

Over time we will publish more and more of this assessment online, but for now feel free to check out our ~60 question sample here.

If you have ideas for improvement or want to chat further feel free to reach out to us at


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