The Key for Successful Go-To-Market: Rational Needs-Based Segmentation

Companies that clearly define their target audience and focus on conquering that addressable market can become very successful, especially if their target audience is part of a focused well-defined market. On the other hand, lack of clear segmentation and understanding of your customers will likely lead to massive waste (and failure). It is almost impossible […]

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Questions for growth — Introducing Our Growth Assessment Tool

Reflection drives ideas, which drive action which drives growth. Reflection starts by asking great questions, deciding which are valuable to answer then diving in deep until you find the truth. Throughout my career and life I was lucky to be surrounded by people who thoughtfully challenged me, from my engineering professor father at home to […]

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Why ADP’s Next-Gen HCM Is A Disruptive Force In HR Technology

Fantastic to see ADP and Lifion Team continue to progress and make waves in the industry. World leading HR Tech analyst Josh Bersin’s view on ADP and it’s next-gen technologies and business below. It was a unique pleasure founding and leading Lifion by ADP. Excerpt form Josh’s article (full article at https://joshbersin.com/2019/09/why-adps-next-gen-hcm-is-a-disruptive-force-in-hr-technology/) ADP, An Unexpected Tech […]

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My Next Adventure

Originally published here. Hello world. It’s time for the next adventure. It has been an unbelievable journey at ADP and Lifion over the past 5 years. A journey that I will miss and reminisce about throughout my entire life. Moving on has been an incredibly difficult decision after all we have achieved and are about […]

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ADP Unveils One Of The More Exciting HCM Systems I’ve Seen.. And More

Have been quite for a bit, busy with big creation at work, here is a recent analyst review of what we have accomplished so far. As always feel free to reach out and discuss more, the community engagement is what keeps me going here. Originally published by by JOSHBERSIN · PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 23, 2018 · UPDATED SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 – here. ADP […]

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How Self-Managed Teams Can Resolve Conflict

Originally published on Harvard Business Review. In a traditional team structure, conflicts can be escalated to the boss to resolve. Can’t agree on how to prioritize projects, or on which deadlines need to shift? Ask the team leader to step in and make a call. Think a coworker is acting snarky, or that their work is […]

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4 Ways to Guide Your Employees Toward Empowered Decisions

Originally published on Entrepreneur Magazine. Traditional top-down management can create a single point of failure within each department: a middle manager held accountable for his team’s projects and products. According to a Harvard Business Review analysis released in September, U.S. companies are wasting more than $3 trillion every year on excess bureaucracy and management — which is equivalent to […]

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How One-Person Businesses Will Transform Corporate America

Not so long ago, taking a trip to New York City meant riding around in yellow taxis and staying at the Plaza Hotel. Now, for many, it means staying at an Airbnb and hiring Uber drivers to chauffeur you around. This transformation illustrates the incredible rise of the gig economy — something that’s revolutionizing the way we, […]

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Top-Down Management Structures Are Crumbling– How Will You Adapt?

Originally published on CEO.com. Not long ago, employees succeeded in the workplace by producing consistent, high-quality work as specifically directed by their managers. Once promoted into middle management, however, their measure of success became the productivity of their team, and their priorities shifted from completing the work to setting expectations and processes for others to […]

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3 organizational structure changes to strengthen your startup’s tech team

Originally published on Ventureburn.   Hiring experienced technologists is difficult. Many are happy in their current positions, and the others are inundated with offers. With software developer employment projected to grow 17% by 2024–10% faster than the average occupational growth rate in the US — it’s incumbent upon employers to ensure they stand out from the crowd. […]

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